Commercial and Residential Construction Loan Draw Inspections.

Able Inspection Services has been performing construction loan draw inspections since the early 1990’s. When a home, commercial building, service or any kind of structure is under construction, draw inspections make sure the amount of money the contractor is requesting is within reason.

Without construction draw inspections, you run the risk of over paying the contractor for the amount of work actually completed. We require that the contractor submit a draw request form (preferably on one of the FL AIA forms) that breaks down the amount he is requesting into the proper categories. In other words, if the contractor is asking for a draw of $100,000, how much of that is the foundation, framing, roof, etc. Then we perform a physical inspection to make sure that those draw amounts appear within reason.

In other words - you don’t want to pay a contractor 100% of the cost of a roof if it’s only 50% completed.

Protect yourself with construction draw inspections from one of the most experienced inspectors around!

Thank you for considering Able Inspection Services.  We look forward to working for YOU. If you have any questions regarding construction draw inspections or any of our other services please feel free to give us a call at (239) 354-3540 and we’ll be glad to assist you.