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I am often surprised at how many people do not realize how valuable new construction inspections are.  Many years ago, when the new-construction-monitoring-inspections and the new construction inspections were first gaining popularity, many new home builders were resistant to private home inspectors.  For the most part the tide has turned on that.  The smart builders welcome us in, knowing that a good private home inspector can save them a lot of money on warranty callbacks and increase customer satisfaction.  Many builders even hire private home inspectors on their own just for that purpose.

Why a private Home Inspection? 

Many of the local code inspectors are admittedly quite competent people.  The problem is there is a tremendous shortage of qualified county inspectors and many are very overworked.  They usually have only a few minutes to do a home inspection that would take me hours.  No matter how good you are, you cannot find everything wrong in a new home inspection if you only have a few minutes to perform your inspection.

Furthermore, county code inspectors are by law limited to one question - does it meet code or not?  As a private home inspector, I can be much more thorough during a new construction home inspection.  The county inspector cannot get into general quality issues during his inspection.

There have been numerous occasions where I have inspected newer homes that are out of warranty, and during the course of the home inspection I found undiscovered construction defects.  Some of these defects have been major.  I know those people wish they would have had a qualified new construction home inspection.  It would have often saved them a lot of headaches and money.

The bottom line is you are spending hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions of dollars on your new property.  Doesn't spending a few hundred dollars to make sure it's sound make sense?

Just a few of my credentials:

  • ICC (International Code Council) trained building inspector

  • Former Licensed General Contractor, having built several new homes. (1985 - 2002)

  • Several years of experience in new construction home inspections. (Since 1990)

  • InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

  • FABI Certified Home Inspector

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