Lower your Homeowners Insurance Premiums!

Wind mitigation inspections are specialty inspections that almost always lower your homeowners insurance premium - It CANNOT raise your insurance premiums, it can only lower them. This discount applies to the wind portion of your insurance.

How it works

The insurance companies assume your home has NO wind resistant features. There are several categories of potential discounts. Our wind mitigation inspections document any wind resistant features your home has, and almost all homes have some wind resistant features.

How much are our wind mitigation inspections? We almost always save you far more money than your inspection costs - so basically they're even better than free. Savings of $900.00 or more per year, every year, are very common. See how much people save below!

When we perform a wind mitigation inspection on your home, we are looking for any wind resistant features that we can document, photograph and prove to the insurance company. 

Your insurance company is then required by law to give you a discount.

Not just anyone can perform a wind mitigation insurance inspection. Only specialty trained inspectors and contractors can perform them. At Able Home Inspections our certifications exceed the state requirements, we have never had an issue with one of our wind mitigation inspections.

Remember that it's not the cost of the wind mitigation inspection that really matters, it's how much your inspector can save you that really counts. If you find someone slightly cheaper, but they don't do their job right and don't get you all of the discounts you have coming, did you really save any money? Additional fees may be applicable for outlying areas. Discounts are available for multiple wind mitigation inspections or combinations of wind mitigation inspections and 4-point inspections or other inspections.

If you need a wind mitigation inspection, 4-point inspection, or have any other questions, please give us a call at (239) 354-3540